Improving Transition to through Mentorship

Hon Patrick Mariru ,MP Laikipia West Constituency after signing a 3 years partnership with Mentorthon Foundation
Laikipia West Edition launched
May 2, 2014
Aenean ligula mol stie viver
May 4, 2014

Improving Transition to through Mentorship

Laikipia West Constituency Mp Patrick Mariru and Educaton Officer Ananstacia Njori during Mentorthon Laikipia West Edition

At Ndururumo, Marmanet, Sipili, Njorua & Ngumu in LaikipiaWest Constituency we met, spoke to, listened & learned from 6,000 students from 91 schools. We had 70+ mentors, 11+ corporate partners, 150+ teachers.

Professionals from Laikipia West & beyond led by Gov. Ndiritu Muriithi, MP Hon. Patrick Mariru, KESSHA, TSC, Ministry of Education & Interior devoted 42 Hours to run a Mentorthon Edition in the constituency. This is our first expansion beyond Elgeyo Marakwet County. as part of our promise to SDG-Ambassadors by ActionAid Kenya when we won their grant Award.

In the last 2 days, we had speakers mentor through story telling, worked with students in groups to discuss careers, current work environment, #futureofwork, life beyond highschool. We also listened and and are determined to learn from these students and working on ways to embed technology to drive our support for the next generation of leaders. Young people across the country are not just people we must go and help. They are the biggest investment.

Laikipia County Governo  Ndiritu Mureithi said, “the Asian Tigers did one thing different. They raised the number of people with tertiary education. Countries that Join middle income economy must have over 25% of its population have tertiary education. Today some of these countries have 80% of their population with tertiary.”

You can be part of this movement. Please reach out. Email #LaikipiaWest #Mentorthon

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